Barrier Bags

High Barrier Shrink Bags

  • Ultra high shrink
  • High abuse bags
  • Tailored solutions
  • Printed and stamped
  • Multiply converting options, stacked, serrated on the roll, taped


Fibrous Casings

  • Fibrous casings can be produced in 3 varieties
  • Regular - for most dry and cured products
  • Zip - for advanced peeling performance
  • Securex - when extra meat cling is required
  • Casings can be printed using Globus true print technology
  • Casings can be converted into cut pieces or preshirred using Globus MAX Shirr technology

Cellulose casings

  • Colour transfer
  • Easy stripping
  • Multiple sizes

Collagen film – Coffi

  • Collagen film

Collagen casings

  • Collagen casings for fresh and processed sausage applications

Functional casings

  • Colour transfer casings
  • Flavour transfer casings

Spice casings

Laminated casings

  • Trap printed
  • Tailored solutions

Polymer Casings

  • Shrink and non shrink
  • Multiply colours
  • Printed
  • Cut pieces, preshirred using MAX Shirr technology

Clips, loops and labels

Clips, loops and labels


Thermoforming Films

  • Co extruded 14 layer Evoh barrier
  • Semi Rigid PVC laminates
  • Formshrink

Laminate films

  • Printed top webs
  • High barrier laminations and co extrusions
  • Printed Formshrink films
  • Lidding and overwrap solutions